Bishop Loveday Church of England Primary School

School Dinners

The School Lunch Company menu for Bishop Loveday has been compiled using ideas from the children, the Chef Manager and her team.

Research has shown that a hot, two course meal provides the essential physical and mental energy to get through the demands of the school day.

Our meat comes from a local butcher, as do the fruit and vegetables. Sausages and burgers contain a minimum of 80% meat. Chicken is Farm Assured/Red Tractor authenticated, and bread is wholemeal or 50/50.

Fruit is added to our puddings to help with ‘5-a day’. Extra vegetables are added to cottage pie to increase nutrient content. Yogurts are low in fat. Baked beans are the low sugar/salt variety. Pizza bases are wholemeal. Salmon dishes contain Omega 3.

Fresh water and a salad bar is always available daily.

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